Again, for class we were asked to create a compilation of 15 blogs we must promise to read through the semester.

Here are my picks: 

1. BuzzFeed- Latest:

2. AfterEllen, by Viacom Media Networks:

3. NomadicMatt, by Matt: (travel blog)

4. Everything Everywhere, by Gary Ardnt: (travel blog)

5. Bacon is Magic, by Ayngelina: (travel blog)

6. moddea, by Dessi Ivanova:

7. TheExaltation, by Bryan Byczek:

8. The Everygirl, by Danielle Moss, Allyson Fulcher, and Alain Kaczmarski:

9. Feature Shoot, by Alison Zavos:

10. I’m Remembering, by Hillary Buckholtz:

11. Skillcrush, by Adda Birnir: (tech)

12. Gizmag, by many contributors: (tech)

13. Gizmodo, by contributors: (tech)

14. ExtremeTech, by Ziff Davis: (tech)

15. 9to5mac, by Seth Weintraub : (tech)