With the Female Titan on approach the Scouting Legion retreats to an advantage point…the forest.


The episode beings with Jean, Reiner and Armin recovering form their encounter with the female titan. Reiner tends to Armins head injury while Jean tries to whistle for his horse to return to him. In the midst of all this all three men share the same thought…one of them will have to stay behind while the other two go looking. At first Jean decides he will be the one to stay till Armin jumps in and offers to stay behind himself. Reiner then notices someone coming to help them with two horses in hands, one of which is Jeans. It is revealed that the person bringing the horses is Krista Lenz and all three men notices her stunning beauty in the shimmering sunlight. As the four make their way back to the main group the Female Titan continues her search for Eren while getting attacked by other scouting legion members. The Female Titan makes quick work of them,spinning one around and tossing him away and kicking another off his horse. Meanwhile Commander Irwen takes his troops and decides to enter a small forest in the area that is a safe haven for titans. The purpose of which is to have the trainees surround the perimeter and keep any titans from entering. Armin and the others re-group with Sasha and the rest of the trainees and take their spots around the perimeter, realizing that the titans would need to climb up high branches just to reach them. Meanwhile Levi’s unit and subsequently Eren are charging right into the middle of the forest with Levi explaining that their 3D gear will be much more useful in that area. Upon hearing this Eren assumes they have a plan but a quick glance to his sides reveal that even Levi’s team is worried about what will happen next. At that moment the Female Titan catches up to them  and Levi brandishes his flare gun, the bang of the gun ending the episode.

Overall I have to say this episode was pretty good.  While it still retains its dark moments such as the failed assault on the female titan and the decision of who stays behind while the others gather re-inforcement it still manages to crack a laugh or two here and there. As horrific as the scene was I couldnt help but laugh when the Female Titan was swinging one Scouting Legion member around like he was a lasso while just casually walking toward another member. The character award for this eposide easily goes to Krista Lenz for not only helping her fellow trainees but also being absolutely beautiful while doing it. Thats all for now and Ill see you all for my review of Episode 19!