and with that allow me to say that the Battle of Trost has come to a close after a large 9 episodes. This episode has a bit of everything mixed into it: Action, Drama, Sadness, Awesomeness, you name it.

The episode opens up with a detailed retelling of the past two episodes, showing us what the plan is, what went wrong with Eren and where everyone is during all this. We see Jean make his escape from the Titans with the help of Connie and the others with a shocking hero moment from Marco. Cut back to Armin, Eren and Mikasa we see that Armin has succeeded in his waking up of Eren and now Eren runs to get that boulder to the gate. The scenes that follow are the soldiers defending Eren and giving their lives. I honestly felt the scene of the soldiers fighting and dying was the most intense because we see characters weve grown attached to meeting their grisly fate but we also see that what the commander warned them about was true. In this fight soldiers will die and they have to be willing to go into battle with that knowledge. Eren lays down the boulder and for the first time the humans win however it seems Eren is unable to move and while Mikasa and Armin try to help him out it seems that their about to meet their ends as well. Enter Levi with a badass swing and slice to save them at the last second. The final two scenes involve the aftermanth of the fight where we see the sad fate of Marco and how Jean takes it, the mourning of characters dead and gone and the discovery of a crystalized human. More on the last part in a second. The next scene is Eren in a prison cell with the scouting legion watching him. After a mini interrogation by Commander Erwin, Eren states his desire to join their legion and slaughter the titans. Levi shows an interest in Eren and decides to take Eren in.

Overall I think this episode shows that Shingeki no Kyojin is still running strong even after 13 episodes. Just when you think the cliches are gonna hit hard it surprises you with new twists. The death of Marco had a bit of an impact on me because of how he grew as a character and how he supported other members, specifically Jean Kirstein. Marco admired Jean and even gave Jean some confidence boosts. He aslo lead the attack back at the titan filled HG with his rifle brigade. To see marco sacrifice his life to save that of his friends is noble and he earned a honorable mention for that. Bravo Marco. The next thing I want to mention is the crystalized human vomit near the end of the episode….this intruges me greatly. Im not sure as to what this is but I have a theory Ill share on that in a separate post. The action sequences this episode are absolutely amazing. The animation is top notch for this episode and the fight scenes are epic. If I had to chose a favorite moment its when Levi swoops in and attacks. You dont see him until after he slays the titans and he still has the nerve to give the “kids” a mini lecture. Good action, good drama, good twists, Episode 13 gets a pass.

Next time: Episode 13.5 (Flashback Mania)