Estephanie Anidem

by: Estephanie Anidem

En cada barrio hay por lo menos un loco,

En cada loco hay por lo menos un sueño,

En cada sueño hay por lo menos un drama.

-Rubén Blades

I find this little piece of song very interesting because it speaks a truth that we all as humans share in common. As part of this world, we live in a constant madness, were all of us being so different from each other can be described as our own mad being. However, I don’t mean it in a negative way, because that madness is what differentiate us from the rest of the world, is what makes us unique, but mainly is from where our dreams come to life. The dreams that we desire, that we fight to reach, but there is always something or someone that interferes that causes the ‘drama’ that doesn’t allow us to reach our desired dreams. This is mainly the thought that I acquire from this piece of song, it basically shares the inevitable truth that we live everyday and what makes our life worthwhile.