I compare the power of a swimmer with the engine of a car. They don’t work on their own, because they need numerous aspects working together to achieve their goal. But once these aspects unite they are unstoppable.

Every engine starts with the ignition system, which basically supplies energy to get the motor going. This is reminiscent of the swimmer, who combines a healthy diet and intense workout to maintain in shape, but mainly to supply his body with the energy needed to sustain the amount of force he will be summited when he goes into competition.  However, the ignition system counts with a spark, which come from the insert and turn of the key, this could echo the determination of the swimmer.

The key, sets several parts of the engine in motion, just like the swimmer is the key to it’s power and its performance. As you turn the key, the engine makes a grating, heaving sound, which is the crankshaft turning and pistons moving, starting the engine cycle and compression. This, I compare it to the start of the competition, where the swimmer is waiting the sound of the bell to start the race and once as it goes off, his body starts working. His arms move in synchronization like the crankshaft move with the pistons and they begin the cycle that they have done a million times. However, without this, the car neither the swimmer would be able to start the chain of reaction that they both need, to reach the ignition that will trigger the use of their own power. Who fills from the energy mentioned before, that acts as the fuel and battery to keep them reaching the amount of power that they possess.

Reaching the end of the wall, or their destination you turn the key on the opposite direction turning your engine off, letting it rest and recharge for the next time that you will need to use it again. Mainly, this are the reasons that I compare the power of a swimmer to an engine, because they work similar and they have a parallel amount of resistance that like the engine they need time to rest and recharge energy before the next race comes again.