Well the semester is almost at an end and my final assignment is to make a reflection on this class and of my own posts…Truth be told…I can honestly say Ive learned a lot from this particular class. I’ve enjoyed learning about the history of how the web came to be and how we have multiple sites in order to help us do work, socialize, etc. Ever since Ive started using WordPress Ive been able to share more of my personal opinions on cosplay and video games and just because the course is coming to an end doesn’t mean this blog is going to close down. This blog will live on as its own independent blog for all my video game opinons, cosplay love, and voice impressions.

Now in terms of my own contributions…I can honestly say that my contributions are just my own emotions and thoughts. Anyone who likes to hear what someone else thinks will like what I have to write cause Im an open minded individual. I also feel my voice posts are very beginner but I intend to make improvements and make them better in the future. The work Ive done for this class will always stick with me and I am glad to have taken this course with such a good professor and such awesome classmates to make it even better.


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