So, I’m in love with Christina Aguilera‘s new album “LOTUS“. All the songs are beautiful and there are a lot of different rhythms in it.  I specially loved “Army of Me”, “Sing for me”, “Blank Page”, “Cease Fire”, “Around The World”, “Best of Me”, “Just A Fool” and “Empty Words”. I love the other songs too but, I really connected with these ones. As always, Christina comes back with her gorgeous and potential voice to enlighten every one of her fans and go beyond that. She’s my music idol ever since I was 3 years old and she will always be my idol. I promise, you wont regret buying this album. It’s amazing!

Track list:

1. Lotus Intro

2. Army of Me

3. Red Hot Kinda Love

4. Make The World Move (ft. CeeLo Green)

5. Your Body

6. Let There Be Love

7. Sing For Me

8. Blank Page

9. Cease Fire

10. Around The World

11. Circles

12. Best of Me

13. Just a Fool (with Blake Shelton)

BONUS TRACKS if you buy the Deluxe Edition

14. Light Up The Sky

15. Empty Words

16. Shut Up

17. Your Body Martin Garrix Remix

The album is simply amazing, I give it 5 stars!!!! :)  LOTUS is in stores NOW! Also, you can get it in iTunes :) )