Being into the arts, DIY projects and all things beauty and fashion here I give you a list of some of my favorite blogs that I visit every single day.

Starting with the odd man out I present to you blog #1:

Just Jared Jr.

This blog is mainly about the Young Hollywood Celebrity News & Gossip. I like this blog because it is directed to the teens and young adults, and keeps me posted on all the news about the television series, new movies and the gossip about what is happening in Hollywo0d.

The following blogs have the same topics in common and they are beauty, fashion and decor:


The Beauty Department

This is my favorite blog of all time! It has everything you need to know about beauty, and with great DIY’s and tips to help you, it is the best tool you could have when talking about beauty.


Lauren Conrad

Starting her career in fashion with an internship in Teen Vogue, Lauren Conrad has achieved a million and one things in her career. From her clothing line, to the 5 bestselling books that she has written. Not including those related with fashion and style collections, and the DIY crafts she loves making Lauren has created this blog joining all her favorite things in one place for people to go and share with her their likes and ideas.


Kendall and Kylie

You may know of the Kardashians, right? Well these are their little sisters and knowing their mother you must guess that these two girls are the next big thing on the market. Starting their career, they work for seventeen magazine, on their own column in their website as well as in the magazine, but not only being part of the magazine they have their own blog. The blog contains special insights to their life, style and what’s new on fashion.


Elle & Blair

Keeping up with the sister’s theme, here are two of youtube’s favorite beauty guru’s. They are Elle and Blair Fowler and they blog everything from beauty, books, fashion, food and  their lives. Keeping you on what’s new and brilliant tips in all the things I beauty.


Nikki Phillippi

Following the beauty guru style, here is another one from youtube. Nikki Phillippi is an energetic and all about comfortable and sporty looks bringing them up to life and into chicness with her own style. If you are like her in loving the sporty and simple life you should definitely see her blog.


Sarah Belle

May I say that I spend most of my time in youtube? Yes, I do. Here is another of my favorite blogs by Sarah Belle. It isn’t the best blogs to the eyes, but as any blog out there what matters is the content and this one is full of pictures. Starting with her arm candy to her outfits of the day you will find inspiration in fashion.


Chelsea Kane

Need more fashion advice? Go to this girl’s website. Being an actress, Chelsea Kane has opened this amazing website to keep all of her fans close and keep them up to date with her favorite fashion trends. Not missing the spot on all things music, style and a few gossips of the fashion industry.


Teen Vogue

Finishing this section of my fashion favorite blogs, there is no better way to end it, than with the inspiration to any teens and young adults out there, TEEN VOGUE. Giving their youth style a fresh and chic face from the original  Vogue there is no question that nobody does it better than Teen Vogue when talking about fashion, and beauty.


Unidentified Life Style

Finally, but definitely not least here is my all about decor blog. I absolutely love this blog, it is great for inspiration on what and how to decorate your house, kitchen, bedroom, you name it. Be sure to check it out, you will fall in love with their designs and ideas.