You know what? I need to make an assignment for college in which I have to analyze the way polititians are using the media through the internet to help their campaigns. I will be honest, I could care less about elections and politics. I hate them with the full meaning of the word. It’s a parade every four years to see who has the biggest dick and who can eb the biggest douche. For ex:

First douche move? Make a commercial about how a mentally hadicapped person lost his job because of Law #7.

Second douche move? It was fake. It was not a real commercial and now there are two douche parties.

May we continue with the Douche examples?

  1. Every foiur years we have to suffer through the painfully stupid ideas of people that just say what they hear and believe themselve’s patrotic, there fore feeding politica parties’s egos.
  2. This year there are 6 different political parties; the internet only revolves ont he two most popular: PPD and PNP.
  3. Knowing there are better candidate with better platforms, nobody will ever look at them because they are the non popular opinion.
  4. All memes on the internet are based on a constant war between political parties intead of promoting platforms. The times they do post their platforms nobody cares unless one of them makes a mistake, appears on the news for being an idiot or if elected for not completinig what they priomised.
  5. People want things but aren’t willing to work for them and always need someone to blame.
  6. The top example? People “democratically” chose a govenor and then what happens? They criticize the person they pick but they are never at fault for picking that person.

There is an incredible amount of reasons why I don’t vote or follow politics. I am not a Puerto Rico registered voter and I don’t plan to be soon. As for the internet I just turn off my social networks during election year because to me it’s all hypocrisy.

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