Hey everyone! Its Halloween time and of course COSPLAY TIME!!!!

Yeah I haven’t posted crap on cosplay in a while now have I? Well toady I figure I post a little something – my costume for Halloween this year. That costume is KAITO….attempting to be a Lolita


How did this get created? Well the other night I was wondering what I should do for Halloween. I had already been to a party this weekend and didn’t feel like doing anything major. I also have been wanting to get into Male lolita style such as Ouji ( http://hellolace.net/styles/ouji ) or Kodona ( http://www.lolitafashion.org/kodona.html ). So I picked out a nice white shirt, a vest, a pair of black and white striped shorts with black boots and gray socks with my Kaito wig and created “Kaito’s Prototype Lolita”!

As its my first time making a Lolita outfit I think I did ok. I do need to get more accessories and a top hat and a cane would definitely spice it up something fierce but overall I like it. Anyways hope you like the pictures!!! :)