A recent exhibition opened up in the art gallery in my university. The tittle is Mira, Mira! look up! It’s totally incredible! I am aware that not many people are fond of abstract art, but Maristella’s techniques are very amazing and her painting reminds a lot of the phenomena that happens in the Arctic, the aurora lights.  The mixed media used on the canvas is truly relaxing to me and makes me look up and wonder if it will happen in tropical skies. I personally love the darker ones like this one:

It reminds me when the sun won’t give up on a rainy day.  I truly enjoyed her pieces of art they truly moved feelings in me. I can only describe the texture but it is so much better when you can see it in person. The richness is surely an experience.  though her style is repetitive, it is much better than staring at straight squares in white backgrounds. I give this exhibition 7/10 to go see. Why? Like I have previously mentioned, the art is repetitive and although mesmerizing at first it tends to drag a little.

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