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Like I said in past posts this blog is created for a class that i’m taking (INF-103) and because I have to post about the class and also something by me, I took the liberty to talk , post and share the same things from my personal blog that I been managing around a year now. But that’s not the case. I’m going to talk about domains, my personal blog domain or URL is www.NataliaBosch.co.cc and a lot of people have ask me where co.cc comes from? The true is that at first it was going to be .com but at that time a was only 16 years old and I dint want to pay for .com (figure) So I discover about this web page co.cc where you can create and customize your domain, and the beauty of it is that is FREE and your domain is not www.NataliaBosch.blogspot.com or www.NataliaBosch.wordpress.com. Well, exp for this one that is made for this class in particular.

So if you have a blog and don’t have your costume free domain, check out co.cc for that matter.

Also, Check out my personal blog www.NataliaBosch.co.cc

Stay tune for more post and updates on the blog! Good luck! and Don’t forget to

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