Through my university curse of Informatics class, #Inf103 with the professor A. Vantaggiato. I’ve done 15 posts due to the lack of time I’ve had this past 2 weeks. But, I will start posting more after tomorrow. In those 15 posts, some are related to music, some are promotions and some are related to the curse’s homework. Those posts are:


1. MTV Video Music Awards 2012

2. MTV Video Music Awards 2012 reminder

3.  Follow me via t…

4. Video Music Awards reminder 2

5. Music Speaks

6. Music is what feelings sounds like

7. Express yourself through music (My favorite one ?)

  • INF103 Homework:

1. Welcome to my blog!

2. Creative Commons… (Classroom work related to our blog theme)

3. Because it hit us right in the heart, WE remember you! (9/11 work)

4. A Vision Of Students Today

5. USC’s Art Gallery

6. The Radio!

7. Piracy

8. Get your own Domain!


This one is my post #16 now :)