Well now everyone I just made myself a co.cc account and….wow what an experience that was! it wasnt a major pain the a$# but it was a bit complex for someone without an understanding of hosting and domains.

At first I thought this would be as easy as making a Facebook account so I promtly made my co.cc


After going through the initial set up I was told I needed to add a Name Server, a Zone Record and URL Following…. I was left confused and slightly frustrated. So I researched on Youtube where I could find a place for wed hosting and found myself a quick and free place


Once that account was made (Which was easy to make and free :) ) I then proceeded to add the two name servers I needed along with my Zone Record. After that I set up my personal blog as the URL link and finished my domain set up.

Overall it wasn’t too hard to create just a bit time consuming and frustrating in the beginning. I just hope I can find a use for this domain in the future XD Kyzer out!