Through the course of the past three months I have been posting a variety of things in my blog. Starting with the main idea of bringing life to old things that you have at home, and ending with the different projects and homework that is given me from the class that gave me the inspiration to start this blog. Here is a little inventory of my blog production in the past few months.

Taking inventory of my blog:

  • Ameliorate Related: 10
  1. Back to School: Notebook Chick
  2. Ring Box
  3. Key Fav!
  4. DIY by Marie Anakee
  5. Nails of the Week: Ombre Nails
  6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Aluminum Bow
  7. DIY by Sewn Up
  8. Nails of the Week: French Upgrade
  9. Early Christmas Decoration
  10. Halloween Tree
  • Inf103 Homework: 6
  1. Hello
  2. In Memory of 9/11
  3. A Vision of Students Today
  4. “Mira, Mira! Look Up.”
  5. Radio
  6. Piracy
  • Inf103 Related: 1
  1. Inf103 Campaign
  • Summary: 1
  1. Summary Class Sept. 27