So this happened to me. Before I continue with this story, I want to say and warn that this post will have links to explicit topics which may contain material not suitable for more mature viewers. Also, regarding the pictures I posted, I took the liberty of posting more sensible to the eye pictures. You have been warned.

So as I was saying, just the other day I gather enough strength and will power to stand from my bed and sit down on my computer to check out my Google Reader, which I might add is wonderfully helpful, and I see a brand new post from one of my favorite blogs: The Sub Files. This a British girl’s blog that I also follow on Twitter. Well this girl is a full-on sub, a BDSM practitioner and a lover of sex.

“OMG SHE IS TALKING ABOUT SEX!!!!”. Yes I’m talking about sex. I am a vivid sex fanatic… amongst other more personal things. It’s not so much about having sex but the combination of it’s physiology and psychological aspects makes it an enigma that surprises me beyond my own understanding.

Anyways, getting back form our previous parenthesis, the post L put up (her alias is L) was entitled “I’ve been naughty”. Coming from a sub and BDSM practitioner I know this must have some meaning, just not sexual; if it were sexual she would not have had such shallow emphasis; I should know, I avidly read her blog. Lately I’ve been neglecting her blog. When I saw this post I decided to read it and she was apologizing for not posting in a while especially her most anticipated post Rope Play part 3. That part kinda reminded me that I once read past the post Rope Play Part 1 so I took my time to go read it. That post read an introduction on how she had just found a new master to casually play with. Then she attached pictures of her session as a preview on the post.

After reading this first post I got excited to read the next part: Rope Play Part 2. In this second part, which is considerably more detailed, she talks about her new master Mr. M and her adventure, how they met and both their sessions. This post was significantly longer and more detailed than the first. What does this mean? It means that there are some words I don’t recognize or need a clearer definition of some words in relation BDSM (another term with which I am not all the clear about.

The first term that caught my eye was Aftercare which in simple words means the care both the master and the sub assume with each other (mostly the master to the sub) after a session; Look at it like the cuddling of people who practice this discipline. This consists of mental, physical and psychological reassurement and reconstruction (such as words to reassure self esteem and possibly massages for the physical toll that the sub may take during rope play and other kinds of Bondage).

This entire article lead me to a very peculiar type of term: “Vanilla Sex“. So I clicked said hyperlink to another tab and discovered that vanilla sex is a term mostly used by people who practice BDSM to describe normal “inside-of-the-box-sex”; normal missionary (for heterosexual couples) and some types of oral sex (when it comes to homosexual couples). It is sex without any practice of BDSM or other positions that might make the act of sex spicier in some way. The term vanilla is used because of the common and soft nature of the flavoring.

This article then led me to the following link: “Kink“. Kink is a term used to define certain playful acts during sex like for example: spanking, tickling, bondage, sexual fetishism, etc. This can apply from playful levels to paraphilic levels (We can see now how this applies in BDSM).

Now we get to the biggest question: “What is BDSM?” BDSM is an entire discipline and art. BDSM is an acronym for three different practices under the group:

BDSM (Acronym)
Attribution: Handcuffed

  1. B&D
  • Bondage and Discipline
  • Bondage is described as the restraint or tying of a person for sexual purposes (in this case of course)
  • Discipline is the rules, basically, or actions a person takes (introvertedly or extrovertedly) for punishment.
  • Example of Bondage (hogtie)
    attribution: SchuminWeb

  1. D&S
  • Dominance and Submission
  • A kind of play defined by the role of dominant and submissive in which the dominant takes control of the sub.
  • An ample example for sexual behavior in D&S is spanking.
    attribution: Max Rebo Band

  1. S&M.
  • Sadism and Masochism
  • This discipline is actually combines into what is called Sadomasochism which is the a quality that makes a person feel sexual pleasure by either inflicting (sadism) or receiving  (masochism) pain and/or humiliation.
  • attribution: Handcuffed


    So what has this taught us? Or taught me at least. There are many tools that can allow you to research a lot of information just because looking for information really costs absolutely nothing. I want you all to know that all the pictures show here have been searched by Creative Commons. I would also like to add that this whole WordPress and blogging thing is incredibly addictive. I have been sitting down for seven hours straight doing this post, except for a short bathroom break about 4 hours ago, never has my butt hurt so much or my legs been more asleep. In the end it was worth it cause mainly I just love blogging.

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