We have seen the Sweet heart Sweater lately in so many celebrities and stores. The reality is that they are so expensive, Why paid Old-Navy $29.94, J.crew $107.50 or Banjo & Maltilda’s Sweater for $345, when you can DIY IT for only $7.

I’m going to show you a simple tutorial and the right tools to recreate and even customize your own sweet heart sweater. Let’s Begin!


Fist you will need your material’s and tool to start:


The sweater I chose for this tutorial I bought it at Forever 21 for $3.99. You can use any used sweater that you may have on your closet or find a cheep one at any thrift store, Marshall’s or Forever 21 locations.


  1. Start by cutting the felt into a heart shape.
  2. Then prepare your needles and sew around the edge of the heart.
  3.  Once your finish tie a not in the back and your set.

Tip: You can also add any detail you want, like bottoms of studs around the heart. Choose from any felt color or any sweater color, mix & match.

Once your finish you’re ready to style it.  

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