Occasionally we just want to branch out and forget our relationship with College. It is clingy and jealous and as people might guess, those kinds of relationships never last. Sometimes we say “Fuck College” and we want to do what we want. We need a way out. Without thinking it you realize that is college you have more freedom than you’ve ever had. During your school years, you were restrained but now you feel older, more responsible and you realize and admit that there some things you are mature enough to handle. Of course there are the one who are overly confident in this theory but that’s another story. College is the time to do what we’ve been taught to do since we’ve been 15 considering that when we’re actually legal to do it, it gets too boring because we’ve already been there. Still we want some liberty, we want some freedom. We want to cheat on college we might say, caring enough of not we always go back.

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