Piracy as defined by a class.


First of all I am amazed that my friend Mariel ACTUALLY typed almost EVERY SINGLE detail of our class and I gotta give respect where its due. Check out her blog sometimes when you get the chance ^^ She writes some really insightful stuff xD and sometimes random stuff.

Second I do believe that there is a grey area to why people pirate things like movies and games and music. I say this because from a certain perspective  there are reasons why people will resort to this attitude. Prices for new video games range from forty to sixty to sometimes even one hundred dollars (if your getting a special package) and there are people who cant afford to pay that much for a game. The same principle can be applied to movies and music. There also exist websites where watching movies and TV shows are free, Itunes and other music programs that allow you to buy soundtracks and Emulators that allow you to play video games and while some are legal and some aren’t it all depends on how you utilize these resources that makes it right or wrong.