Last week, I had the opportunity of going to my college’s art gallery and see the new exhibition about abstractism brought to us in a way only a true artist like Mariestella Colon Astacio would. This artist truly made masterpieces, something that at first I thought were a bunch of swirls were really, as Mariestella says, “universes with their own constellations, mood, and protagonists”.

    I have always loved art and going to museums and such, but now  I can say that I have learned to really appreciate a good work of art. I swear, I stood at every single painting, admiring it for about a least a good 5 to 8 minutes, from how much I loved each and every one of them. In her website, they mention that she won third place at a group show that was held in the Masur Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California and that she will also exhibit “Mira Mira! Look up!” in VERGE NYC, a museum in New York City.

    So, I guess all I have left to say is thank you, Mariestella, for making an amazing contribution to the arts and for being a puerto rican we can be proud of and look up to for inspiration. P.S. My favorite one in the gallery was Deliriously Entangled (again), I just could NOT stop looking at it, all the different colors…it really felt as if I were in another dimension or like she said, in a galaxy

For references and more about Mariestella Colon Astacio: (Short Biography)