Today we are seeing how day after day the main crime that the government and any creative person is trying to fight against is called piracy. Now the word piracy can mean a lot of things but the main idea that I will enfasies  today is the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book, recording, television program, patented invention, trademarked product, etc.

Apart from the government we are also seeing that not only do we see major sites that promote and help achieve piracy, but there are also websites that dedicate on promoting the anti-piracy. Basically not all is lost in this situation. 
Here is an example of a website that can be used to download illegally:
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However apart from this one there are other programs that help you download things but depending on what you download it identifies if it is illegal or legal:
Here is a website that will help you understand better the work that BitTorrent does.
Knowing what piracy means, there is the point of how do we avoid falling into the the implications of being accused in committing piracy or  copyright infringement and here is a great and helpful video to talk to you about just that; copyright and creative commons. This video mainly talks about how to create access the copyright for the things you want to share and how to let other people share and modify them according to the selective copyright that you choose the product will have.
Here is my post on Piracy and Copyright Infringement where we learned what it is, how it works, through what medium is it done, and how to avoid it.