In it’s politically correct version it’s the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book,recording, television program, patented invention,trademarked product, etc. But this goes far beyond this too. Piracy affects everyone, if is directly or indirectly.

How can you can tell if you are downloading something legal or illegal? Well is one of the sites you can definitely trust in to give you more information this. Also, there is another website that will give a little bit more insight about online piracy and it’s common copyright infringements.

Below is a video about piracy made just a few years back, about a mexican family who is troubled by the mother who bought a pirated dvd and her son is cheating on his tests. She tells him that this act is wrong, but the boy tells her that what  she is doing is wrong also. In my opinion, I just would’ve said, “touche”.   ;-}