On the class of September 27 the professor discussed a variety of topics related to the Augmentation of our Reality. One of the topics that he discussed was Augmented Reality through a video from Common Craft. This video showed how the technology today has been able to help us improve our way of making decisions. Through the different devices that we have, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. we are able to do multiple things that without them we wouldn’t be able to do with such a positive outcome.

A perfect example of what in a near future will become a great augmented reality in the lives of many people is the Google Glasses. This video will leave you astonished with how technology has evolved, I have to say that I never imagined that we would get this far into being able to have all this aspects in a simple device that looks like this:


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Another topic discussed in class was the use of GoogleDocs. Google Docs is a place where you or a group of people can share a document and collaborate on the same document on real time, giving you the opportunity to see all the changes the others from your group are making on the document.

Here is a full tutorial of how to work GoogleDocs: Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012.

However, this is not only for computer devices, there is an application for mobile and tablet devices: GoDocs for Google Docs™, Google Drive™.

This is the summary for the class Inf103 of Professor Vantaggia for the day September 27, 2012.

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