It is really something special when social criticism takes an art form as its medium for expression. The Golden Shoes Project from Kilo 365 collective mission is to raise awareness about violence in Puerto Rico. By collecting and showcasing 1,136 pairs of golden shoes (number of people murdered in the island in the year 2011) they hope to create a visual symbol and the start of a movement against violence.

Why Shoes?

This project is a culmination of ideas. Simply put, shoes are the only thing  between our flesh and the land…the thing that separates our souls and our soles. This is also an idea that was actualized by The Holocaust Shoe Project  to illuminate vast loss.

Why Gold?
Before paper currency, there was and will always be the gold standard. It is the oldest and most stable form of value. It is our intention that the viewer of this installation captures the idea that our people are our most valuable asset…that we are forfeiting to violence.

To learn more and to get involved, go to Kilo 365 page.

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