Anyone who has ever worn a costume for Halloween that’s based off a movie or show or video game may not realize it but they have been performing in an act formally known as Cosplaying. Cosplaying, also known as “costume play” Is when a person dresses up as their favorite character form a movie, video game, anime, cartoon, etc. and takes pictures, performs skits, you name it. Now I know what your thinking and no wearing a costume doesn’t have to just be for Halloween. Cosplay’s popularity has risen over the past few years and cosplay contests all over the world really shows how far this art can go. Now why is cosplay an art? Cosplay in a persons eyes (mine included) Is a way for someone to express their talents and creativity. There are cosplayers out there who go that little extra mile to really make the illusion of their character coming to life feel as realistic as possible ( ). Sometimes girls do cosplays of male characters and make it look even better than when a man does the character ( ) which just adds to how amazing cosplay can be at times. There are even cospalys who take it even a step further and cosplay anthromorphic characters such as foxes, wolves, cats etc.


Now of course not everyone has to love cosplay band for those who do cosplay know that not every cosplay has to be one hundred percent perfect. Cosplay is meant to be a fun practice and to be quite honest…I see cosplay as a new form of art. Think of it like this: If we can have people appreciate the human physique and new forms of apparel why cant we have the same appreciation for people who desire to express their love for a movie or game they truly enjoy? As a cosplayer I feel everyone should give cosplay a shot and if they like it then keep at it and try to make your cosplays even better. If not then thats fine too. As I said before cosplay is meant to be a fun form of art that lets people be expressive and I think if people can express themselves with movies and photographs then a person has every right to express themselves through cosplay.

Oh yeah and if you think cosplay is just for famous movies and games and such…nope. A person can make a character thats completely original and cosplay that character. The possibilities for cosplaying are nearly endless and with that this has been Kyzer, bringing you a different perspective. Just to show how amazing this practice can really be.