Today’s youth is very precocious and always eager to jump taking decisions and skipping on analyzing what they’re doing first. To be honest, when I saw this video in class I was like, “this is me!” and “yes that’s completely true”. I was a little shocked about what I saw in some parts and yet in others, not so surprised. Teenagers’ life today is a lot more complicated than their parent’s life when they were at that stage. So the big dilemma here is that, what does a teen like that do when they are at college level? How do they deal with the pressure? The grades? Parties? Relationships? Sanity?!

The truth is that every person goes through these stages very differently. But they suffer the same, mostly. The video was quite on-point when it talked about the being in Facebook or Twitter or any other social interactions webpage. The future is getting harder and society growing colder and more inhumane each day. I personally would suggest hotlines or programs for teens and college undergrads everywhere so they can talk about what they are going through and the person hearing this, offering advice about how to cope or how to deal with everyday life which is stressful for anyone. What will you do for your future?