So while in class we saw this video. I hate to admit but most of these are true. Ok I don’t hate to admit it but I never really wanted to pay much attention… then I realized I had to. That Video included a vision s students but those are the. How do I see myself as a student? Well in this very honest list I will say, without a lie how I really am as a student.

  1. I barely study from my notebook. I barely study at all. Still I get by.
  2. I’m disappointed in myself for my GPA considering it could be better but Honestly the will to not care is bigger.
  3. I tell people I’m studying all throughout the night when I’m actually “reblogging” pornographic images from my Tumblr blog ( (
  4. I hate college almost as much as I hate my ex-boyfriend… I could shoot him if  didn’t care spending time in jail.
  5. College depresses me, it sucks my life away and then I ask why I can’t take smoking cigarettes off my mind.
  6. The main reason I go to college is to not be in the house I can’t get out of.
  7. I think more about things I should not than the class. The teachers never notice since I look at them straight in the eye.
  8. Write things I can’t or don’t want to write on the computer in my notebook and then rip out the page. I don’t but sometimes I think about eating it.
  9. I check for text messages every five seconds even if I know that none have arrived. When I get one I try to answer inconspicuously but the always noticed; I’m a terrible liar.
  10. When I’m not thinking about my boyfriend and draw poorly drawn pandas, like the ones in my notebook, that are supposed to be us if not any other doodle then becomes something that now that I think about it, kinda relates to ropes and maniacally laughing people.
  11. I see students smoking and it takes every ounce of my energy and will to not ask for a cigarette and to convince myself I quit… like I said, I’m a terrible liar, though I fool everyone and me too.
  12. My teachers think I’m only on Facebook ( while I use my laptop in class. They’re wrong. I’m also:
  • checking my three blogs: (Collegiate Intercourse: (La Mente y El Cuerpo de una Ninfómana: (69 Reasons to Love and Live (my tumblr blog linked in #3)).
  • Playing Free Cell and many other forms of Solitaire.
  • Writing what they are saying in a Word Document I can’t ever find later on.
  • Writing my thoughts on a Wordpad rtf. document that I don’t close for about two weeks even after I’ve stopped writing (sometimes I just stare at it)
  • Thinking about how to poetically write “I want to kill myself” or others thoughts of suicide and/or genocide on my Twitter ( (

This composes twelve facts about me as a student. I know my assignment might be a bit off topic but this is my afterthought and after all this is what out professors asked for.

P.S. You can add to the list that I didn’t do this to get it out of the way i actually puit much thought into this post before, during and after I wrote it.