“Walls and desks cannot talk… But students can!” -A Vision of Students Today

Reflecting about the video from Michael Wesch named A Vision of Students Today, I want to share my vision as a student today. I haven’t spent that much time in university, but I can talk about my experience so far.

One that is very present in my everyday at college, which is also presented in the video, is the situation where there are names called everyday of students that paid for their class but they never come. Making me think of all the different people that will give anything for the opportunity of being able to have an education, to be part of the university and receive a proper education, but can’t for an specific reason. And how there are people that pay for it and don’t even care about it, they waste their money.

Another topic or characteristics of students today that was discussed in this video is one of our goals, hopes and dreams. I have to say that my hopes and dreams are very common as they hold the key items that most humans search for. As for example, wealth, a well paid job that I enjoy, a place to live, etc. However, if you ask me a couple of years back what my goal would be, I would include the things I mentioned before as my goals. Which bring us to now, as a college student I have to tell you that my main goal is to be happy. Life is to short, and yes we must set goals, hopes, and dreams and follow them, but in my perspective what would it mean to have all the money in the world and be unhappy… You won’t feel as if you have accomplished your goal, you will feel disappointed. You will want more and more to at least satisfy a few minutes of needed happiness, but it won’t last. This is why I say that my main goal is to be happy, to enjoy the moment, to appreciate and accept what life brings and improve it to the point that it will bring you happiness. Not wealth or a nice apartment, but something that it will please you and give you peace and joy.

There is the other topic or characteristic about what kind of changes we will experience in our lifetime. And all I can say is that through our life we encounter numerous situations and changes that come and go, and we have the power to decide how they will affect us. If we are going to succeed them, if we are going to let them beat us and are we going to learn from them. Whichever you choose to be the case, these are the experiences that you will carry on with you through your lifetime, slowly creating the person that you are. Because in the end, we are our mistakes, our glories, our fails, our experiences… That’s what makes us who we are.

Money Influences Behavior:
Here is a link where you can see how the money has become something more than just a way to pay for our necessities. How it has taken so much of us that it consumes us in our daily life. It affects our relationships with other people, when reminded of it. It’s a worry that lives within every single person in the world specially on most college students, shown in the video above.


“The Visions of Students Today” 2011 Remix One (trailer):
Here’s a video related and inspired by the one above, sharing the same line of information. Where they present the vision of students today.

“a few ideas …” (Visions of Students Today):
Here’s another video inspired from the video above. Asking for all to unite and make the best of our education and our lives.