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Radha was Srikrishna’s lover, before he became king, stories say that he forgot Radha and she went insane because her love for him was too deep.

Though the love for college is not that deep, one tends to actually develop some kind of affinity for college; it develops a a routine and once the routine is broken, though you might not miss it, you might feel a little weird, either in a good or bad way.

I love this post because even though it’s about love towards someone, college becomes your own relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a relationship with college and a second relationship with a significant other person. College never forbids it but makes it a bit harder sometimes, it gives you a hard time for you to actually contact and strengthen the relationship. Sometimes, because of college, the relationship might even fall apart and because college was a bit angry at you, he won’t make you feel better, he’ll throw it in your face and might make you feel worse and teach you a lesson for what college might consider “sharing” or even “cheating”.