So as destiny drew me, it decided to put in my way an enormous Mac computer along with a, might I say, very intriguing and entertaining Italian professor. It also decided to draw me at college in a freezing classroom that proposed many hidden naps or coffee breaks at 8:00am; I wake up at 5:00am. Truth be told I just can’t get over the teacher’s last name, just because I find it that cool; I’m still trying to figure it out though. At 18 years of age, almost 19 this upcoming November (as a Photography major in”Universidad del Sagrado Corazon”) I’ve decided that I am getting to old for this… thing we called life. The scariest part is my age, I really don’t want to see myself at 50, if my “cravings” don’t kill me by then of course. More on that story after the intermission.

Collegiate Intercourse… College sex? Not at all. Believe it or not a student in college engages in a relationship with college as if it were their partner; at least that’s how i see it. You ave good times in it, you have bad times in it, you fight it occasionally, you want to dump it and occasionally you do engage in a sort of physical activity that will drain you after your done, quite like sex, called Finals. Finals are a period in which College decides to tease you all year making you feel good, making it easy for you to relax and at some point in pressures you but in a good way. Come November college decides it time to raise up the ante and make you scream. It pushes you to your limits, making you feel and say things you’ve never felt before and right at your peak when you finish your final it decides to make it’s finishing blow and let you express it all. The result of this bi-annual act is determined around the end of may where you realize after looking at your grade if it was good or as mad as moldy pizza, which is still pretty good, just because you finally got rid of it.

Sometimes, to understand your college relationship, you require very special equipment and a lot of patience, sometimes reading about someone else’s relationship might help, how to deal with college while you have maybe problems, drama or like are are just insatiably sarcastic.