If jewelry is your passion, you know how exhausting it is to search for that piece you want to wear for the day, specially the rings. Which always seem to mix with your necklaces and earrings causing chaos. Say stop to that mess and taking time finding your rings. Here is an elegant and attractive way to maintain your rings organized without them getting all over the rest of your accessories.



YOU WILL NEED: An empty box of cigars, Gesso, acrylic paint, pre-cut flowers, and a piece of foam.

1. Taking your empty box of cigars, you will want to sandpaper it, making it smooth and easy to paint.

2. Once you have sandpaper it, you can apply the first coat of Gesso [a primer]. When that coat of gesso is dry you can go ahead and paint the box the color you want. In our case we paint it white. Remember use acrylic paint.

3. Choose the paper you will like to cover the box with. After you have chosen the paper, trace the box and cut the parts needed to cover the box completely.

4. Having all the parts of the box cut, you can go ahead and paste them to the box.

Depending on your style:

5. You can choose the pre-cut flowers and assemble them creating the main piece of the box. Add a ribbon or a trim and you are done.

6. If you go for the key, be sure to find a fun accessory that you won’t be using anymore, in this case a the key was previously used as a bookmark, and adding some chains you have another option for this sophisticated ring box.

7. Having all the outside decorations done grab the foam and measure it to the inside of the box. Once you have cut the foam make little incisions where you will display your rings.

* Remember be sure to enjoy it and display it.