Truth is, I was not fair to Rowan Atkinson in my post of yesterday. In it I wanted to raise the spirits with Trenet’s La Mer, sung while Mr. Bean ends up his vacation on a hilarious staircase improvised as he descends onto the sea. YouTube’s wonderful research library helped me with the video, only to inhibit its proper working when embedded. Ridicule as it is, you must watch the video on YouTube.

However, here I just want to focus on the extraordinary mimic capacity of Mr. Rowan, who does not talk in the movie, except for some weird mumblings, like

Bean, Sabine

(the two words do rhyme) when he meets the lovely Sabine.

In this video, which doesn’t as well work whence embedded herewith, Mr Bean uses all his histrionic abilities to improvise a show to get money in a Provence street market. It is absolutely fabulous in his interpretation of “O Mio Babbino Caro“, elsewhere known as the Puccini soprano aria sung by, among others, Maria Callas or Sissel Kyrkjebø. Even more fun when you realize the word of the aria do not match Mr. Bean’s actions! Watch it on YouTube, my friend.

{In truth, I cannot embed the movie segment here, even though I am publishing free marketing for the distributor of said movie,  Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Which sucks. Enough said. Need SOPA?}