What better way to salute the new year than with a blog post? And what better than celebrating it with the beautiful “La Mer” song by Charles Trenet? A song which has been played all over the world and is being heard in new versions all the time.

The new year begun and I had this song in my mind, but within the setting of Mr. Bean’s Holiday, the nonsense movie which ends with a very nice shot by the sea, with this song, played by Trenet himself. So here it is, enjoy: It’s good karma! {UPDATE: The embedding doesn;’t work; it has been disabled by request. Not mine! –YouTube’s contradictions! But it can be watched on YouTube itself. I wonder what were the conditions for this weird Faustian bargain…}

Here is Trenet live, half swinged, lovely!

And since YouTube is such a spectacular research library, here are some other versions which I love: Kevin Kline‘s version (from A French Kiss / ;-) yes, the actor Kevin Kline himself); and Bing Crosby’s version.

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