I really enjoy watching TED talks on ted.com. These talks are entertaining, informative and really shows how creative the mind can be. Here are two of my favorite TED Talks



While Im on the subject of things I enjoy there are a few Blogs I like to follow to pass the time. Some are just random pics but others are kind of informative.


I like this particular blog cause it pays homage to an old japanese video game I used to play and still own to this day for the N64 (expect a post on it soon ;D)


Anyone who enjoys learning more about video games will love this blog and Im no exception. Facts like these really catch my attention cause it broadens the horizons for my love for video games


Ever like to just look at some cool or funny video game art? Then take a load of your back and give this a look.


Noticing a pattern? Yeah I love video games ^^; and this blog will get you some up to date and old school perspectives of gaming.


Retro Retro everywhere!


Ever had college troubles? We all have! and my friend has a blog dedicated to all the heck we go through in college.


When the 3DS came out people thought it would flop but now its beating the Vita. But since the beginning ive followed this blog for all 3DS news.


Creativity comes to mind when I see this blog. From modeling pictures to DIY’s my friend Natalia has a style all her own and you should check it out


Everyone has an opinion to share and some opinions get right to the point. This blog will give you the truth and some random things from time to time.


One of my closest friends is an aspiring artist and her art is really good. I hope one day her art gets well know and she gets to go pro.


Well those are my blog choices and Ted Talks :) have fun