It is what it is. That feeling of not feeling anything for people that once meant the world to you? Finally being over the fact that you lost people who didn’t reflect a positive attitude in your life? That feeling of walking past them like they’re complete strangers fulfills me. “Why would I like that?” you must ask yourselves. Well, for me it’s always been a problem letting go of things and being so blinded by people’s acts. Those people made fun of me, have put me through situations but I continued to give my all just to maintain those friendships due to how much I cared about them and thinking: “Oh, they’ll change because they said they would.”  Major BS. I was so damn vulnerable and put things in my head hoping for a change. Nah fam. I got so used to people treating me like I’m dumb so I just cut them off. Now I’m basically emotionless. You think I’m going to follow your little games? Hell no. I’m off to better things. I now treat people how they treat me and they don’t seem to like it. Those people that I cut off? They’re probably waiting on me to come back to them like I always have but you guys don’t mean anything in my life. That is why I learned to walk past people like I don’t know them and I’ve had friends ask me how do I even manage to do that. My response? “You get used to it.”