It is a cloudy yet muggy Saturday evening and I can’t help but feel like messing up my health for the night with life slapping situations in my face, one after the other. Not so severe, thank God, but still. One: My mom is in that age where she nags. Lovely isn’t it? Then us sons and daughters have to deal with it no matter what because hello, it’s our mothers. The thing is my mom has been nagging lately about everything, not even exaggerating here. I clean, do my homework, study, help out around the house, actually make an effort to speak to my family so they don’t complain about me being antisocial but nothing is good enough. Of course she doesn’t see it. One time I remember talking to my grandma about this issue with my mom but she just tells me to have patience and tells me things like I’m not doing a good enough job to keep up with my mom. What else can I possibly do?! Every single day I try to gain patience but people just test me, number is my mom.

Then I just got other issues but those issues are the typical issues us teenagers deal with. Wanting to move out, not just because we don’t want to deal with our parents but because we want to feel independent. Finding a secure job now a days while studying isn’t so easy but not impossible. For that, I have to literally search nonstop and have patience until my phone rings for a damn interview. Why I bug so much about these things? Because I literally lay in my bad and think myself into these weird ass moods. That’s where the tequila mood comes in and I desire it. Why? Tequila makes me forget everything and I’m literally the happiest gal because I’m care free. But the worst part about it is just that I wake up the next day and the day after that with the same thoughts and desires. Life cycle.