(foto por Theen Moy licencia some rights reserved)

Debemos estar orientados sobre lo que es el reciclaje, ya que esto nos ayuda a evitar las enfermedades, sequías, eventos catastróficos, etc. El reciclaje es simplemente la acción de reutilizar un elemento u objeto. Evitando así que sean desechados, ayudando a formar más cantidad de basura y dañar continuamente el planeta.

Aquí les dejare un pequeño video sobre el reciclaje.

Les tengo un poema sobre la tierra que puede ayudar a coger conciencia. Poema por Marie Negus.

I Am Dying

I am the Earth.
Mother of them all.
I’m getting hotter and hotter each day,
I just want to lay and rest.
Let me rest,
I’m dying.

My babies are dying,
The ice is melting.
The sun is burning my skin,
My babies,
My life

You cruel people,
You choke me to death.
Your chemicals are killing
What I have tried to raise.
How is life supposed to carry on…
If my people destroy what
Makes us live
And breathe?

My poor trees!
Just think and feel how they feel.
Why are you putting rubbish on my skin?
OH STOP it now!

You’re giving me disease,
And it’s burning to my core.
Get in my mind, come on,
Look deep down and find
My heart is slowly stopping.
You’re killing me,
You murderer.