There’s a new Ryan Murphy horror-comedy series that started in FOX and its called Scream Queens. The series will focus on a sorority house and the girls that live in it as they get murder by and unknown killer that dresses and the mascot. This is probably Murphy’s new hit since he has American Horror Story; American Crime Story and Glee witch ended it last season. The show aired and it already has a big fan base with huge crowd in Comic-Con this past summer to meet the cast and get details of the show.

The show has a big cast starring with Emma Robert, Lea Michelle, Keke Plamer, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Diego Boneta and many more. But the show has as the sorority housemother the original scream queen Jaime Lee Curtis. The show made FOX fall schedule and aired in September 22, 2015 with two episodes on its first night. Ratings were of 4 millions viewers.