Selena Gomez is releasing a new album on Octuber 9, 2015 called “REVIVAL” a new beginning for the singer and actress since leaving her Disney label Hollywood Records and now on Interscope. The album is a new era for Gomez since her Stars Dance (2013) album the hit single “Come & Get It”. The albums lead single “Good For You” featuring rapper ASAP Rocky has been in the Top 10 of Billboards Hot 100 witch is a big deal the song has a simple and elegant music video.

Gomez has already released the second single called “Same Old Love” with the music video as well and it features real fans since parts of the video were shot in the Revival Fan Event and as a surprise ended of the video. Selena has confirmed a Revival World Tour in 2016 and put out another song from her record “Me & The Rhythm”.

Track List: REVIVAL

  1. Revival
  2. Kill Em With Kidness
  3. Hands To Myself
  4. Same Old Love
  5. Sober
  6. Good For You (ft. A$AP Rocky)
  7. Camouflaje
  8. Me & The Rhythm
  9. Survivors
  10. Body Heat
  11. Rise
  12. Me & My Girls
  13. Nobody
  14. Perfect