Now a days we see people focusing on some rather pointless things such as partying, smoking, drinking, being involved in drama, having babies at such a young age, etc. Of course it is your choice if you want to do those things or not but there’s a limit. There’s a limit to almost everything. For example, I was a girl who always wanted to go out as soon as I hit 18 years old. I got involved in smoking and drinking, not focusing on my studies and yes, I let it take over me for a certain amount of time. Within time I learned the hard way to let those bad habits go. I mean, those things are actually natural to do at this age but like I said, there’s a limit. What I want to say in this blog post is that us youngsters have to stay in our lanes. Keep your mind right. Yes it’s okay to go out and do some things out of the ordinary but we have to set limitations and stay focused on what’s really important. Our goals in life. You have to sit down and think what you want to accomplish in your life instead of throwing your time away and doing a bunch of pointless things to have temporary happiness. Think about yourself, your happiness, success. I promise you it’ll be worth it at the end.


“Goals so big, you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.”