NASA Journey to Mars and “The Martian" (201508180001HQ)

[Photo: NASA HQ Photo]

Gosh darn-it I’m really excited for The Martian. And apparently, I’m not the only one. Astronauts (yes, real astronauts) up in outer space (yes, the real outer space) are apparently pretty psyched too. Stating that they’re big fans of the book novel by Andy Weir up in the International Space Station, astronaut Kjell Lindgren and crewmate Scott Kelly are both looking forward to the film’s release on October 2, as they hope to get it beamed up (*giggles*) to them as soon as possible.

This great piece up on The Guardian also details Kjell and Scott’s year long stay aboard the International Space Station. They give their thoughts on how what they’ve experienced compares to the mission to Mars that Mat Damon is set to go through in one of the most eagerly anticipated space flicks of the year. I say one of, because, ya know, there’s that other, slightly more fictitious space flick coming out this year.

Either way, keep an eye out for this one, guys. Seems like it should be a blast.

Goddammit I love space.