These past weeks have been a trip. Like some type of dysfunctional roller-coaster that seems never ending. There’s always those days of joy and those days where you just don’t know how to handle life. Well, let me tell you guys that I thought I was done with life. I didn’t want to talk about this with anybody and I know people wonder what has been going on with me so here you guys go.

Due to my poorly chosen decisions, I hit rock bottom in life. I completely shut out everybody that was actually trying to help me and went along with the bad things. I don’t necessarily need to explain things in detail because it’s not necessary and I figure you guys might know. Those types of things and people, to add onto this, don’t need to be in my life. They wouldn’t have even been in my life if I would’ve been stronger. It was all me, nobody dragged me into anything. I could’ve said “no”, but I guess during those times, that word wasn’t in my vocabulary.

Point is, these past two weeks have been my best days due to blocking out those negative vibes and owned up to my poor decisions and decided to receive the guidance I needed. It took several things to happen, especially hit rock bottom, for me to realize I needed that help. I can’t say I fully changed but I am in that process and so far I’m doing great! I’m more focused on my goals:

  • Getting my license
  • Learning how to drive
  • Getting a job
  • Being stronger and wiser
  • Putting to practice my writing skills

Remember guys, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.Surround yourself with positive vibes, positive people. These are words I live by to stay strong and to move forward.