Hey guys! So many of us have seen the videos about Google creating a self driving car (I think last year or earlier). I thought it looked like a cute little smiley robot and it did appear to work very well. Honestly I would use this car, because I’m so awful at parking and going on reverse it’s not really a thing of being lazy I’m just terrible. Sometimes I wonder how I have a license.

Anyway Google decided to create another self driving car model that looks more like a sleek bubble than the previous robot-like prototype we saw before. Supposedly this summer they might be able to hit the streets of Mountain View, California to do more testing. They aren’t still able to fully go on the streets, but this testing is just a closer step to be able to do so in the future. Which is good because maybe that can help elderly people go to appointments, handicapped people, or even helps when you wanna help your kids do your homework in the car and such.

If you wanna read the full New York Times article about it. Click the link down below. Have a nice day!