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In today’s post I will be talking about the sequel of the book If I stay by Gayle Forman. I already talked about the book If I stay. If you want to know my opinion about this book feel free to read my post named “What would you choose?”

Today is obvious I will be talking about the novel Where She Went. Sadly I couldn’t find a video that I liked that captured actually what I wanted to show, like a preview that didn’t say too much. I don’t like spoilers and most people don’t either.

Where she went I will say that it was a master piece.  This novel, in my opinion was so much better than If I stay in so many levels. Like you all must know If you read If I stay, at the end Mia seems to be back in her body and seems like she will be okay. And she is. Hopefully all of you read the book preview at the end of If I stay and we are presented the third and fourth chapter of the book, I think. Here we learn that three years have passed since the accident and that Adam and Mia have parted ways.

During the book a lot of questions surface and the biggest and best twist is that this time you are living the story in side Adam’s head. You are Adam, not Mia. I must say that Gayle did an excellent move.

In this novel you become so attached to the book that it will become a part of your body. You are left wondering why Mia and Adam split up and this book will answer everything.

This book will make you sob and it will break you at one point but it will also cure your pain. This novel was a perfect ending for this tragic story. I must say that I hated Gayle at one point throughout the book but then she explained and I finally understood that things just needed to be like that. I couldn’t stop it, because it was destiny. I was in love with what she did once I understood everything and Gayle gives you enough information for you to understand her, for you to understand life.

I absolutely rate this book a 4.8 maybe even a 4.9.

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