You know, I can actually say college is the best thing that’s happened to me. I feel at ease. I’m getting to know who I really am and what I’m capable of. There are moments when I talk to my friends about serious topics and I I catch myself saying a great amount of information I never knew I was capable of doing. I noticed also when I’m with my friends, they got used to speaking to me in English so they learn more English with me and I learn more Spanish with them and that little details fills my heart up so much because we literally learn new things everyday from each other. Whoever says college is easy is lying, but of course it’s not impossible. It’s only impossible only if you believe it is. It is true when they say in college, you are independent. I’ve never felt such freedom in my life. I would usually be stuck at home and wouldn’t go out much. But now, I’m going out a lot more exploring my beautiful island Puerto Rico how I’ve always wanted. Since I want to be a journalist and my mother always gets picky of the places I want to explore with my friends, I always say to her: “Journalists take risks.” I love my university, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón due to the environment and how well organized it is. I feel so safe and at ease. People usually have trouble finding their space to study, and that happened to me. I realized my environment to study is the library. I’ve never felt such peace and my brain just flows with ideas and I just focus more. I know I mixed in a bunch of my different opinions in one paragraph but I wanted to summarize my experience in the university a bit so you new-comers to the university or simply viewers enjoy reading about other people’s experiences as a college student.

Here are a few pictures I would love to share with you guys!