Today we will be talking about the so known novel If I Stay and a little about it’s film adaptation also by the same name. (If I stay Movie) The novel is written by Gayle Forman, a great and talented author.

Picture By Brooke Pennington (Click here to visit his page and be amazed by his work)

This novel though it is a little slow, I found it to be very amazing and amusing. I’ve read other novels that have a character having and out of body experience and they were a bit too much, they gave the character too many abilities while they were in this state, which made it less interesting. In If I stay you are captivated by the reality of the situation, you are sucked into Mia’s state and you fight with her to get out.

Some people didn’t like the book because they thought it was boring. Some people even thought it was dreadful but I believe this book was great. I do have to say that I liked it but I did not love it. Throughout the book you live Mia’s tangled life, you understand her complicated relationship, where you fall for the charming Adam Wilde. I believe that this is the kind of book you learn to love. While I read it I wasn’t so interested in it as I got when I was in the climax. The ending is unexpected but I must say that I loved it.

The characters are so real like the lives they lead are so relatable. I think that Kat and Denny (Mia’s parents) are pretty much my favorite personalities inside the story, they are this unique, yet realistic type of parents. You just fall in love with them.

You fully live Mia’s decision, would you choose to stay?

Now the Movie…

I will be honest, I hate this movie. I didn’t even watched it completely, I was very disappointed and furious at the changes they made. Though I hate every change they make on movies based on books. The film is very slow and you kind of get lost between the flashbacks and memories. You get caught between the reality of the time and her memories. The trailer that is attached to this post, I believe that is the only good thing that came out about the film. The trailer is great, yet the movie just puts you to sleep.

Here you have a  Video Review of the book. I totally agree with her opinion and hope you guys too.

Enjoy your reading!