Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity

Foto por: Sean Davis 

When I think Artificial Intelligence I think of a machine that is a million times smarter than me and has all of the answers to every question possible. The reality is that is not the case, even if we are in 2015. For now what we have are what I would call prototypes because they don’t really have the capacity to think on their own, but rather just try to listen to our commands and understand them. I’m not a fan of these apps because you need a lot of patience with them and they tend to mess up a lot, so they aren’t as efficient as they want you to think. Also I don’t like to be so lazy to just do something as easy as texting or calling or posting on Facebook. So for now I briefly downloaded AIVC, Life360, 

AIVC (Alice): This app is an artificial intelligence software named Alice, who can do many things you ask her to (send messages, search Google, searching locations) similar to Siri. My brief experience with her was just alright, like many of these apps you need to try to speak in a clear and specific manner or else it won’t understand what you are requesting. Also had problems with one or two requests due to not having the pro version of Alice, which is rather disappointing when you want to try out all of her features. Wish they wouldn’t give you the list of all the things she can do, without pointing out which are only possible using the pro version.

Life360: This app mainly used for creating a certain group for people you send invites to join and when they do you can see where they are located on a map, as long as they log in and check-in it can update to see where they are located. It also lets you send out an emergency signal if something happens to you on the road or you get lost somewhere and helps you create lists and group messages. It’s alright, I personally don’t enjoy having someone know where I am all the time and there are times where the icons didn’t make much sense, I accidentally sent an emergency signal and someone got worried. But if you’re into knowing where everyone is and having a private way to contact them all at once then you should download it.

Evi: This app is somewhat similar to Siri for the iPhone, in the way that you ask a question and it tries to find the best answer for you. When it finds the answer it asks you whether it was a good or bad answer and even replies thank you when the answer is good. It’s very simple to use and could be useful for those moments you need quick brief answers.

I agree some artificial intelligence is good and can be helpful, but I wouldn’t use it all of the time. Human beings are meant to try and figure things out on their own, yet it’s good to receive a bit of help though. What I don’t like is sometimes the voice command feature of some apps, because it tests my patience when they misunderstand what I ask. In the end I might keep Evi, it’s simple to use and less of a hassle.