The Apple

The Apple by Charis Tsevis Licence CC

Today’s post will be about an article I read in the New York Times Internet Page where it talked about the Company Apple. Apple has plans to build an electric automobile which is still in  prototype phase. Though this experiment is not official because if it doesn’t actually impress the Apple executives it wont reach the commercial world, it is still very exciting. Apple over this last few years has been hiring over 200 employees to work on this project. This new idea is very surprising but is Apple wasting money on something that may not even fit their expectations? Is this car, something that they will really be able to accomplish or a failed  attempt?

Apple expects the car to sell like their iPhones, is this really a real expectation or is it pure fantasy? Would you buy Apple’s electronic car? Though an actual Apple spokesman declined to comment about this report it very believable since Apple has been linked to different automakers so they could provide use of the iPod or iPhone inside the vehicle. Will Apple actually build this car? Or will they leave this idea unattended? We will just have to wait a long couple of years to see.

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