My first book opinion will be about a book from one of my favorite authors, John Green. I will be talking about the worldwide known novel The Fault in our Stars. Probably because the film had such incredible success. I believe this is the only film adaptation of a book I have ever liked, because it stays true to the story and the changes are not catastrophic as typical. This novel is beautifully written, it plays painfully with your emotions but you become so drawn to the book that you don’t care about the suffering it puts you through. The movie also gives you that connection with the story we love so deeply. You feel that you become part of the story and you feel what they feel along the film. Here I have attached the extended movie trailer for those of you who are interested.

But even though I recommend the movie I highly recommend to read the book before. Mostly because for those of you who hate spoilers, the movie and the book are so alike that you’ll have plenty of that. But I also think that you shouldn’t miss out of the full journey with Hazel and Augustus. It is an intense story where you fall for them in a sense where once the story ends, you wish you could of done something, that you could of helped, you feel you lived it. And that’s what books are for, to make you live stories you never thought possible, to live more lives than the one you’re living right now. John Green catches your mind and embraces your full attention through out his book. From the start you feel addicted, you always want to know what will happen next. And what happens next is heartbreaking. Honestly I was brought to tears a lot of times while I read the book, I got to a point where I would just let them fall freely. I also giggled and laughed at it, I felt Hazel’s butterflies every time Augustus opened his mouth.  You live the love, you feel the love, you fall in love.