Finally we’ve came across a new year, 2015. The year majority of the human beings have been waiting for. Why the wait for this year? You see, the reason is pretty clear. 2014 was a crazy year. Yes there were wonderful moments just like every other year, but there were more deaths and altercations more than ever. Those things are what killed the year. People have in mind that 2015 will be the best year ever! Is that so? Because most people say the same thing about every other year. We will never know for sure if this year will be a great year. Just because a number changed, doesn’t mean everything will unless people make a change for themselves. Every New Years Eve, half of the population in this world have multiple New Year resolutions. Some people actually go through with their resolutions, others don’t. We’re all pretty familiar with the saying: “New year, new me” but we clearly know just because a number changed on the year, doesn’t necessarily mean you will.  Come one ladies and gentlemen, let’s commit to actually making a change! Don’t say you will change or do something for this new year if you know you won’t go through with it. And if you DO think you’re going to change, don’t say it because people will assume you’re bluffing. I’ve been through it and surely a billion others have as well. Remember, actions speak louder than words!